About Supplai

About us

SUPPL is a Supply Chain Planning and Business Intelligence software reseller, and provides also consulting, prototyping, training, and KPI implementation services. Our Headquarter office is based in Paris, France.

Our vision

Supply planning processes efficiency is all about business intelligence and what-if analysis capabilities, that is enabling visualization, simulation, comparisons and sharing of data among stakeholders.

This is particularly true for S&OP.

Furthermore in a more and more complex and volatile environment, the agility to react and adapt rapidly to change is key.

Supply Chain Planning should be also considered part of a more global performance management process, interacting, with the same shared data, with others departments such as Finance, HR, Marketing.

New software technologies now available can definitely help to digest data that are becoming bigger and bigger everyday, provided they are really used to prepare and simplify access to relevant information for planners and decision-makers.