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About Supplai

About us

SUPPL is a Supply Chain Planning and Business Intelligence software reseller, and provides also consulting, prototyping, training, and KPI implementation services. Our Headquarter office is based in Paris, France.

Our vision

Supply planning processes efficiency is all about business intelligence and what-if analysis capabilities, that is enabling visualization, simulation, comparisons and sharing of data among stakeholders.

This is particularly true for S&OP.

Furthermore in a more and more complex and volatile environment, the agility to react and adapt rapidly to change is key.

Supply Chain Planning should be also considered part of a more global performance management process, interacting, with the same shared data, with others departments such as Finance, HR, Marketing.

New software technologies now available can definitely help to digest data that are becoming bigger and bigger everyday, provided they are really used to prepare and simplify access to relevant information for planners and decision-makers.


One-Stop Shop for Supply Chain Planning and Decision-Making Software

Based on strong partnerships and long-established relationships with international Software vendors, SUPPL offers a selection of best-in-class specialized tools, representing state-of-the-art of supply chain planning, combined with the latest agile technologies in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI).

SUPPL also brings a team of professional experts in order to provide services including  consulting, prototyping, training, support to Supply Chain Metrics / KPI implementation.
Integrated Business Planning
Sales & Marketing
Supply Chain
Finance & HR
Account Planning
Revenue Management
Production &Procurement
Inventory Optimization
Predictive Analysis, Business Intelligence, Mapping Intelligence


More details on our Solution Partners :

BOARD International is a global software vendor leading the way in Business Intelligence, Analytics and CPM unification. Founded in 1994, BOARD has enabled over 3000 companies worldwide to improve the effectiveness of their management decision making processes, unifying BI, Business Analytics and CPM in a single integrated environment.

Specialties : Business Intelligence, Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting, Financial Consolidation, Profitability Analysis, Performance Management, Strategy Management, Statutory Reporting, Reporting, Analysis, Dashboards, and Scorecards.




sofco is a leading provider of integrated and collaborative End-to-End Planning Software Solutions for the Consumer Goods and Manufacturing sectors. Comprised of the existing management core and industry-experienced consultants and technical specialists, the team at sofco were an integral part of TXT Perform.
Collectively, sofco will continue to bring deep domain knowledge of the supply chain market in which the team have both worked and successfully implemented solutions for many years.

The sofco  suite of application solutions cover the key operational processes of Demand Planning, Trade Promotions Planning, Supply Planning (Production, Procurement, Distribution & Inventory), Production Scheduling as well as  the strategic processes of Sales & Operations Planning and Integrated Business Planning.


 For more than two decades, EXCEEDRA has been delivering business value to CPG companies around the globe through the use of trade promotion management & integrated business planning software. 

EXCEEDRA, works closely with CPG clients to deliver the right revenue management for today’s needs. The modular approach gives you the ability to add more sophistication and capability as your organization evolves, supporting the key challenges in Trade Promotion Management & Optimization, Demand Management and Sales & Operational Planning. 




B2Wise is a new player in supply chain planning software market, which aims to harness the power of the web to provide easy-to-use process driven supply chain planning solutions.

B2Wise has a team with over 30 years’ experience in managing and developing web-based applications for multinational organisations. B2Wise offers a DDMRP compliant configurable software application, designed to specifically meet our client’s needs.



Optimization and Demand, Supply and Inventory Planning
Optimiza supply chain planning software, from LLamasoft  is used by companies world-wide to maximize service levels, increase customer loyalty and protect margins. They do this by aligning demand and supply processes and building, managing and executing a dynamic, agile and responsive demand and replenishment plan. Formalizing the demand and inventory management processes includes defining KPIs and alerts for up-to-the-moment visibility.



Events & Webinars :

​June 23rd: Webinar (in French) “Réussir la transformation du S&OP vers la planification intégrée d’entreprise (IBP)”

see French version for more details

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White Paper “Toolbox vs Out-of-the-box, which solution for a planning software” 

During the last years, we have seen the emergence of collaborative planning & decision-making software platforms, often presenting themselves as ‘agile’ toolboxes. These new software technologies provide now a challenging alternative to traditional software planning packages …/.. (click on picture to download) 

Brochure “Overview SUPPLAÏ for Supply Chain Event 2019 fair”

Overview presentation of company and portfolio of software solution (UK version)  (click on picture to download)